Women’s Grandswiss + Nottingham GM all-play-all | Dual Report

By Trisha

FIDE Women’s Grand Swiss 2023: Extremely tough and enriching experience

Coming into this elite-level tournament as a wild-card player made me feel lucky and I wanted to make the most out of this opportunity. My first half of the tournament went really bad. I’m still processing what happened. At the halfway mark, there was a rest day. I used this day to forget about the past and focus on the upcoming round with a fresh perspective.

After the rest day, I was paired against USA’s IM Alice Lee. I got a nice position out of the opening and was able to successfully conduct an attack on my opponent’s king.

By Tarun

Nottinghamshire Centenary GM Invitational 2023: A non-win performance

While Trisha was playing at the FIDE Women’s Grand Swiss, I was playing a 9-round-robin tournament held at Nottingham Mechanics Institute. I finished on 2.5/9 – 5 draws and 4 defeats. I would call that worse than a worse performance because there is nothing worse than not winning a single game in the tournament!

However, it was a good learning experience. Facing tough games will only make us stronger in the future. Overall the experience was pretty positive. The city was vibrant, and the food was great.

My Food Adventures: Gallery

In my debut visit, I tried Yaki Soba. CM Jacob Flynn recommended this to me!
I was thrilled to try Ramen for the first time.

For lunches, I would go downstairs to the Cafe where the venue is situated. I had comfort English Food, which can never go wrong!

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