Groningen Chess Festival 2023

Groningen is a beautiful city!

The year is coming to an end and we finished our last tournament of the year in Groningen, Netherlands. The tournament had a pretty strong field including 10 GMs, 8 IMs participating in it. Top seed of the tournament GM Valery Kazakouski, and GM Romanov Evgeny were in joint lead going into the last round. A win in the last round gave Romanov a clear first as Kazakouski lost the last round and had to settle for second place. Romanov also won the Skopje Open this year.

The tournament didn’t go the way I expected it to go, I scored 4 points out of 9 rounds, I had many interesting games and missed opportunities.

Pic credits: Harry Gielen

In this game, I had an advantage throughout the game but I couldn’t convert my advantage into a win, I missed a small tactic at the end, and after I missed that it was an equal queen endgame.

Tarun scored 4.5 points, he managed to draw against GM Michal Krasenkow in the 6th round which was a decent result.

Pic credits: Harry Gielen

Delighted to see an Irish pub in Groningen.

The Year 2023 hasn’t been the best year for me in chess, but I would say that the highlight of this year was playing in the super strong FIDE Women’s Grand Swiss and was close to a medal in the World Juniors. Looking forward for 2024 with more motivation, enthusiasm, and good chess moves!

Trying to be productive on the rest day!

Tarun and I are starting our New Year by playing in the Vandœuvre Open in lès-Nancy, France starting on 2 January, we want to give our best and are excited to play in the strong event.

We Wish you All a Happy New Year!!!!! 

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