4NCL Division 3 2023-24: 1st Weekend

The Four Nations Chess League (4NCL) Division 3 Bishops season started in the past weekend on 18-19 November. The matches were held at the Mercure Hotel, Telford, England.

Written by Trisha:

I was looking forward to making my debut for the She Plays To Win (SPTW) Lioness team. Previously I played for an Irish chess club, Gonzaga in Division 1, this season I wanted to play for SPTW because I loved the concept of an all-girls team and I got the chance to lead the team by playing on board 1.

She Plays To Win (SPTW) is a non-profit organization whose aim is to encourage more girls to learn, play, and benefit from chess. | Source: www.sheplaystowin.co.uk/mission

Round 1, Saturday 02 pm: SPTW Lionesses – Ashfield 1

She Plays To Win Lionesses1846 Ashfield 12010
361wKanyamarala, Trishawi21811 – 0Madden, Paul2125 e
362bWeersing, Abigail Riiswf20900 – 1Mossong, Hubertf2046 e
363wRida, Ruqayyah17070 – 1Mercs, Peter J1998 e
364bLatypova, Olga L1741½ – ½Truman, Richard G1979 e
365wChan, Michelle (Ngo Yu)1638½ – ½Naylor-Eade, Michael A1967 e
366bAshton, Alannah17210 – 1Garnett, John S1950 e
 2 – 4 
Final scorecard

The first match was a close battle, we lost by a close margin. Although it was a decent start for the season.

Round 2, Sunday 11 am: Brown Jack – SPTW Lionesses

 Brown Jack1838 She Plays To Win Lionesses1846
341wOgunshola, Ben2020½ – ½Kanyamarala, Trishawi2181
342bGordon, Sean1952½ – ½Weersing, Abigail Riiswf2090
343wTomboline, David1933½ – ½Rida, Ruqayyah1707
344bConterno, Dominique18610 – 1Latypova, Olga L1741
345wJones, Mark A1756½ – ½Chan, Michelle (Ngo Yu)1638
346bFernando, Manel15070 – 1Ashton, Alannah1721
 2 – 4 
Final Scorecard

Round 2, we showed our potential! We won against a slightly lower-rated average team than us. Shoutout to Olga and Alannah for important wins with the Black pieces!

After 2 rounds, we are currently on 7th rank out of 12 teams with 2 Match points and 6 Game points. Rounds 3-4 will take place early next year on January 6 – 7 2024!

She Plays to Win consists of four teams! That’s 24 players, this wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of our captain and founder of SPTW IM Lorin D’Costa. These are the teams as follows:

  • SPTW Lionesses (the team that I play in – Division 3)
  • SPTW Young Stars A
  • SPTW Young Stars B
  • SPTW Uni

By Tarun:

I was playing for Greater Woodpushers. My good friend Aidan Rawilson who also is the captain, brought me on board. Just like Trisha, I too was previously playing for Gonzaga in the previous seasons. Going into this league my main goal is to help the team to secure the top 2 spots which would promote the team to Division 2 by scoring on the 1st board. Having that said, I would try to enjoy the long classical-time control games and the team-tournament atmosphere. Greater Manchester Woodpushers consists of three teams:

  • Greater Woodpushers (which I play in)
  • Average Woodpushers (division 4)
  • Apprentice Woodpushers (division 4)

The team is very diverse ranging from young junior players to experienced players.

Greater Manchester Woodpushers (apologies to Yaoyao for missing her face)

Round 1, Saturday 02 pm: Warwickshire Select 2 – Greater Woodpushers

 Warwickshire Select 21993 Greater Woodpushers2172
331wPaterson, Andrew I2108 e½ – ½Kanyamarala, Taruni2312
332bSandhu, Manvith2031 e½ – ½Rawlinson, Aidan M2198 e
333wPal, Rohan2061 e½ – ½Smith, Alan A2179 e
334bDicen, Imogen1984 e0 – 1Norris, Ethan2204 e
335wGreen, Anthony J1913½ – ½Wong, Chun Hei2076 e
336bCundy, Mark A18640 – 1Zhu, Yaoyao2068 e
 2 – 4 

On Friday I predicted that I might play against Andrew so I was able to use my home preparation. Even though the opening was a “successful” I quickly realized the bishop pair was quite annoying. I wasn’t able to convert my material advantage into a decisive advantage:

Round 2, Saturday 11 am: Greater Woodpushers – The MASceters

 Greater Woodpushers2172 The MASCeteers1925
351wKanyamarala, Taruni23121 – 0Hazlehurst, Cory S2124 e
352bRawlinson, Aidan M2198 e½ – ½Duncan, Patrick C M2072 e
353wSmith, Alan A2179 e1 – 0Hurney, Kevin2035 e
354bNorris, Ethan2204 e1 – 0Isik, Muhammed Oguz1873 e
355wWong, Chun Hei2076 e1 – 0Drugan, Mark A1752 e
356bZhu, Yaoyao2068 e½ – ½Vaidyanathan, Sathya1695 e
 5 – 1 

I wasn’t pleased with my result yesterday, so I was eager to score today. I got a good IQP probably my opponent could have considered active options to slow down my initiative though over the board it was hard to play them.

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